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  1.  The trial lesson is free of charge. During a free class, your needs, goals, interests, wishes, and schedule are discussed.

  2.  If you need to postpone an individual lesson, please notify your teacher of the hold at least 24 hours before your Russian lesson begins. Lessons that were canceled/rescheduled with a 24 or more hours notice will not be charged.

  3. Group lessons can be rescheduled only with the consent of all students.

  4. Payment should be made at least 72 hours before the class begins. Notify our administrators that the payment has been made.

  5. Transactional fees through PayPal should be covered by the student.

  6. All individual lesson packages expire in 90 days. Group lesson packages expire in 1 month.

  7. In case of any technical problems, a lesson is postponed to a convenient time for both, a student and a teacher.

  8. You should go on over Skype/Zoom 5 minutes before the online lesson begins to make sure your internet connection is stable and/or to get learning materials from your teacher.

Russian Online Class
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