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Hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at The Russian Language School and our Russian tutors.

Reviews: Testimonial

Anna is a very helpful and great tutor. She is efficient and careful about making sure you learn the language. Highly recommend for learning Russian!


Oleksandra is a great teacher! I'm learning Russian with her and she is always well prepared for our lessons with interesting material that helps me make big steps in my communication. It's very easy and fun to learn with her :)


Alexandra is the greatest tutor I ever had! She explains the rules very easily and clearly. She is very intelligent, kind and polite! Our lessons always fun and easy. You will not notice how fast you will speak Russian


Valentina is an excellent and friendly teacher. She has very good materials for helping to improve my Russian. Spasiba!


Anna is a very nice teacher. I really like her teaching style. Many thanks for teaching me how to pronounce words correctly.


Thank you for the interesting lessons. It was very helpful for my work. Highly recommended!


I have studied with many teachers through the years, and without any doubt Olga, and The Russian Language School, are superior teachers. Olga is amazing, quick and effective. I learn so much in every lesson. DO IT! Sign up. Speak Russian, NOW!


Nice and very practical exercises. Test lesson was tailor made. Price is very reasonable. Teacher Sasha is a pro!

Our girls (7 and 5) have been taking online Russian classes with Oleksandra for 6 months now. We have seen so much progress with both girls and would recommend The Russian Language School. Oleksandra is a great teacher, very patient and kind. She is very flexible with her schedule and open to suggestions. She uses distance learning tools that are hands on and interactive and are much more advanced than what our local school provides. Oleksandra is creative with the use of songs and videos to get the kids to interact and enhance memorization. In addition to the lessons, she provides homework study aids and videos for the girls as reinforcement of the days lesson. She makes distance learning better than in-person experience, not to mention, much more convenient.

We’re always thrilled to hear back from current and former students, so reach out today!

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