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Hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at The Russian Language School and our Russian tutors.

Individual Russian lessons for adults

I have studied with many teachers through the years, and without any doubt Olga, and The Russian Language School, are superior teachers. Olga is amazing, quick and effective. I learn so much in every lesson. DO IT! Sign up. Speak Russian, NOW!

Alan Terry

Individual Russian lessons for adults

When learning a language, you want to make sure you find just the right teacher to tutor you and guide you in the right direction! Learning a language can be tough. Моя учительница-Полина! Она отличная учительница! Мне нравится её! I like to learn Russian with fun, and she makes that just so! This Russian School is perfect! It has an amazing foundation of teachers and an organized program!


Veronika Luinstra

Individual Russian lessons for adults

Learning is customizable to each individual student, level and learning style of the person. Instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable. The classes are flexible and the price is affordable.

Elizabeth V. MacDonald

Russian pair lessons

A very professional and well organized Russian language school. Nonna is a lovely person who makes students of all levels feel very comfortable and motivated when learning Russian. I highly recommend!

Erica Ann

Individual Russian lessons for adults

I cannot recommend The Russian Language School any higher. All the teachers are excellent and the latest is Nonna. Nonna is very patient, calm and has a great sense of humour. Nonna makes the lesson fun, and the 1-hour lesson flies by. Also, the administrator, Александра, is great, she always answer questions promptly and is always very helpful.

Graham Cornall

Individual Russian lessons for adults

I've taken Russian lessons through a few different programs and yet I really appreciate the lessons I have with Anastasia at The Russian Language School the most. Anastasia is funny, personable and patient; I often feel like I am taking lessons with a friend! She always takes time to answer my questions and explain why a certain rule or exception (and there are many) exists which has helped me better grasp the material. It's rewarding when I can understand phrases said on the street as I am passing by and to be able to order my vegan lattes in Russian! I appreciate her style, encourgement, and flexibility and am excited to continue taking lessons with her.

Also, I am always pleased with how responsive and kind Alexandra from the administration is as well- she often checks in to see how lessons are doing and gives me the opportunity to provide feedback which is fabulous! Thank you!

Casey O'Neill

The Russian Speaking Club

I have had a wonderful experience with the Russian Language School! I love participating in the speaking club, which is very helpful for real life practice and improvement. The teacher Evgenii is very kind, patient, knowledgeable, and makes the classes super fun. Alexandra the administrator is always incredibly helpful and responsive. Highly recommend!

Kate Kort

The Russian Speaking Club

Hi, I've been studying for a while in The Russian Language School with my teacher Polina in the Russian speaking club, she is very dedicated and always encourage me to speak better. I recommend you all to take your Russian lessons here, is the perfect place to improve your Russian language skills.

Angela Garcia

Russian for kids

Our girls (7 and 5) have been taking online Russian classes with Oleksandra for 6 months now. We have seen so much progress with both girls and would recommend The Russian Language School. Oleksandra is a great teacher, very patient and kind. She is very flexible with her schedule and open to suggestions. She uses distance learning tools that are hands on and interactive and are much more advanced than what our local school provides. Oleksandra is creative with the use of songs and videos to get the kids to interact and enhance memorization. In addition to the lessons, she provides homework study aids and videos for the girls as reinforcement of the days lesson. She makes distance learning better than in-person experience, not to mention, much more convenient.

Sasha Fedynsky

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